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Post  Delected on Tue Aug 23, 2011 3:42 am

About You
Tell Us a little about yourself (Rs or Rl) and feel free to link us to your intro on our forums

Runescape Display Name:

Combat Leve F2P/P2Pl:

Ingame Screenshot Of Your Stats (Please show entire screen) :

Where did you hear about Example? (Friends, MalignantTube, etc)

Have YOU Read and Understood Example Rules?

Country and Time Zone:

Are You F2P / P2P?

Post a Screenshot of both IRC and Teamspeak on your desktop or opened:[/u]


Have you been in any other clans? (Must Name All) If so, which? and why did you leave?

As an Applicant of Example, You MUST Attend Pk Trips to be accepted into Example, Will you attend them? And do you know the times the trips are?

As a Member of Example, we will expect the minimum in the following areas of clan life. They are;
-Being active in game, especially in "Delected" cc and in #Example on irc.
-Being on the forums at least once within 7 days, failure to meet this without an inactive topic you will be removed.
-Attending all mandatory trips/events/wars if online as failure to do so would result in removal from Malignant.
-Attend as many fun events and community events and pk trips as possible.
-Pk with Example as a clan on mandatory trips which can at times exceed 2 hours. Leaving early is punishable unless for irl reasons.

Do you accept these terms?

All our PK trips are in PVP Dangerous areas, You will require multiple sets of supplies if you die.
Post a Screenshot of Your Net Worth and your Pking Supplies

Post a Screenshot of the equipment and inventory you would bring to a Example F2P Trip

Post a Screenshot of the equipment and inventory you would bring to a Example P2P Trip

Skills and Experiences
Do you have any leadership skills? Mind telling us what they are?

Do you have the ability to vid and produce videos of pk trips, solo pking, and other events? Do you have a microphone?

Tell Us A Little more About YOU as a PK'er: (What you like to do etc)

Which Pure Quests have you completed? (eg. Desert Treasure, Prayer Book, Gloves, Boots, Elemental, etc) Name them and provide proof of completion, take note of the mandatory quests within our requirements:

Example Requires all applicants and members to be able to pk.
Please post a couple of screenshots of player kills or a pk video to complete your application.

Post Pictures of Example events you have attended so far, you may also post these pictures in your replies.

Thank you for your interest and applying to Example!

Example Leadership


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