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Post  Delected on Tue Aug 23, 2011 3:39 am

1. No Flaming within the Clan (Letting other Clan Members down is not tolerated!)

"Your a noob because you can't Pk"

2. No Backstabbing!
If you are caught backstabbing a clan member or we receive any reports with proof then we will kick you from the Clan.

3. Attend trips!
You MUST attend trips. If you miss one or two it is fine, but if its a long period of time without an acceptable excuse then there will be consequences.

4. Obey orders
If a Leader/Administrator tells you to Fall in, Death Dot or temporarily leave the Clan Chat then proceed to do so.

5. Do not abuse your powers
If you are a Moderator or Administrator, do not abuse your powers. If your going to kick/ban someone then be ready to state your reason to do so.

6. Be mature
This rule is self-explanatory

7. Do not ask for a Rank
If an Administrator believes that you are ready to receive a rank/promotion then he will do so. If you constantly ask/beg then it will decrease the likeliness of a rank and can result in a demotion/kick

8. No Multi-Clanning
You cannot be in another Clan while applying for this Clan.

9. Always join the Clan Chat upon Logging into RuneScape

10. Be Active
Please have at least 10 posts, and check the events and dates section of the site EVERY week!
Again Self-explanatory rules, but please abide it.

11. Hacking or Ddosing in any form, may it be clan member, or people not affiliated with Malignant you will be Kicked From Malignant if you are caught and can not provide information to prove u didnt hack. No chances, No Warnings.[color]

Praying/Teleporting IS prohibited, but only in 1v1/multi fights. In Clan fights/trips you may not teleport out.

If you have read the rules then copy and paste this into your application.


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